Monroe works
to challenge
comfort zones.

No heart, no might. So we always go for the heart.

We build brands that know who they are. Brands that speak to your head and your heart. Brands that form heart-to-heart connections, leave lasting impressions and inspire. Brands that experience the magic of being understood.

We’re a design and strategy focused brand agency based in London and Istanbul. We tell compelling brand stories, build smart strategies and craft striking visuals that people respond to and remember for businesses across industries and geographies.

Monroe works
to have deeper

What we do

We build brands with distinct points of view, from great idea to great execution. Brands that you’ll remember and respond to.

Brands exist to engage – with teams, communities and each other. We connect the dots between who you are, what you need and what your audience will respond to through human storytelling.

  • Communication campaign
  • Content creation & development
  • Storytelling design
  • Production oversight
  • Asset management

It all begins with strategy. We dig deep, look wide and scout ahead to reveal a brand truth that is meaningfully different and has enduring relevance. Simple, powerful and timeless.

  • Insight & analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Verbal identity
  • Naming
  • Story-branding workshops

Design is equal parts critical thinking and craftsmanship. Our work brings your brand to life, makes its unique value apparent and expresses its character through visually intelligent systems.

  • Brand identity
  • Art direction
  • Motion identity
  • Packaging
  • Web design
  • Editorial design
  • Signage & environmental graphics
Monroe works
to make hearts
skip beats.

Our Team

Hatice was born in Izmir and studied film in Turkey and the UK. She’s also the co-founder and director of ART BY CHANCE Ultra Short Film Festival, a public art event that takes place in over 20 countries worldwide. Before ART BY CHANCE Hatice spent many years in publishing as an editor and a foreign rights coordinator, as well as a producer in film and advertising. She creates art projects on everyday life and the culture of living together. She’s a cook, big time cat-lover, cinephile, psychology enthusiast and a firm believer in good encounters and magic.

Onur focuses primarily on branding, print, typography, publishing, communication and web design, and contemporary art. He also directs commercials and animation videos. Onur is the chairman the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK). He also works as the creative director for ART BY CHANCE Ultra Short Film Festival – a public art event that launched in 2010 that takes place across 20 countries around the world. He also used to be a lecturer on web-design at his alma mater, Marmara University, Graphic Design Department.

Oğul studied Psychology and Art History at Tufts University. After working as an Art Director for 2 years, he decided to switch hats – yet he always keeps his old one close. He is a conservatory trained violinist, a lover of big words, an ‘80s synth enthusiast, and an aggressive supporter of the Oxford Comma.

Elif was born in Istanbul in 1992 and stepped into the advertising industry with an internship offer from an advertising agency while she was studying psychology at university. Since 2014, she has managed projects in many digital and traditional agencies, collaborated with many global and local brands, and in short, said goodbye to psychology, which she thought she wanted to do passionately since her childhood, with the pleasure she gets from managing projects in the advertising industry.

Seda gratuated with master’s degree in graphic design from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Interested in working from print, typography, spatial, editorial and identity design to branding. She practiced design for mostly arts and culture sector including book cover designs for publishing houses. Working as a graphic designer since 2015 in the creative industry. Seda is a member of the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).

Emily specialises in brand strategy and brand language. She holds language and communication particularly dear to her heart because she believes that fundamentally, people just want to connect. Building better understanding is key to building a better world. With almost 20 years in creative agency settings and a long list of global clients, she brings her expertise in copywriting and content creation to Monroe. Emily has long suspected that cats are the keepers of the secrets about the meaning of life but that they’re just not telling. For this reason, she keeps two cats of her own, in case they ever decide to spill the beans.

Nick Werber was born in London and studied creative writing and journalism. He has worked as a journalist and filmmaker in the Amazon rainforest and has won multiple awards for his films, including a United Nations award. Since 2012 he has worked for some of the world’s top agencies as a conceptual copywriter while travelling extensively and working on documentary film and writing projects.

Emirhan specializes in branding, typography, editorial, print, multimedia, video and animation. He also used to be a lecturer on Multimedia at his alma mater, Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. Emirhan received many awards for his work. He loves animals, movies, riding his bike, and is interested in playing percussion instruments. Emirhan is a member of the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).

Oğuz Can graduated from Marmara University Graphic Design Department, he gained experience in various ads agencies. During this time, he became interested in the world of 3D design. Currently his focus on Print, Typography, and 3D design. He is currently studying for a masters degree at his alma mater. He likes evening walks, purple things and geek talks. Oğuz Can is a member of the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).

Naci attended Kocaeli University’s Department of Graphic Design, and is currently pursuing a degree in Photography from Marmara University. He was among the organizers of Fanzineist Istanbul International Fanzine Festival, and leads his personal fanzine project Banliyo Fanzin. A passionate gig photographer, Naci shot 504 gigs in 2019 alone.

Berkin graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design. After completing his undergraduate education, he gained experience in various local and global agencies. He worked on projects that received national design and advertising awards. He likes to bring together different disciplines and highlight the aesthetic side. While continuing his professional life, he also continues his master’s degree at the same school. He is interested in individual sports, strategy games and handicrafts. Berkin is a member of the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).

Umut completed his undergraduate education at Anadolu University, Department of Graphic Arts. He had the opportunity to improve himself in the fields of visual arts, digital and traditional design, and stepped into the sector when he realized that he always enjoyed producing innovative, original and creative visual solutions. Corporate identity design, typography and illustration are among his particular interests. Umut, who is extremely dedicated and ambitious in business life, is also a member of the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers (GMK).