Hatice Çağlar

Co-Founder & Strategy Director

A Matter of the Heart: More Than Just a Catchphrase

What Does ‘Brands with Hearts’ Truly Mean? A brief introduction to Monroe’s approach to brand-building

Since our founding, we’ve always regarded Monroe as a visual and emotional channel. As a creative agency, being a visual channel means translating ideas, values, and brand personalities into striking visuals that capture attention and linger in memory. Emotionally, we bridge the gap between brands and audiences, creating narratives that evoke feelings, foster connections, and eventually build loyalty. At the end of the day, our purpose is not to simply add pizzazz; we narrate impactful brand stories and ensure that they resonate with audiences.

Over the years, we’ve carefully navigated the ever-shifting landscapes of branding and communication and honed our skills accordingly. This constant evolution refined our capabilities as a conduit, leading us to where we stand today – a native of the branding ecosystem with a finely-tuned eye for potential.

Today a customer’s field of view overflows with brands vying for attention. In the midst of such abundance, the essence of what truly differentiates one brand from another goes beyond surface-level aesthetics. Brands are indeed more than their logos or catchy slogans; they are living, breathing stories waiting to connect on deeper levels. 

Being the passionate brand builders that we are,
we insist on one fundamental question: “What about the heart?”


We believe that the true essence of a brand – its heart, the core, the soul, inner mojo – is what stands the test of time. The heart is what fuels a brand’s enduring relevance. Campaigns come and go, KPI’s are adjusted. Brands are no longer static, archaic entities. They are living organisms in a perpetual state of interaction with and within their environment. In such an ever-changing ecosystem, adaptability and relational dynamics play crucial roles. (This, of course, can be the subject of another article where we study brands as evolving, interconnected entities in the modern marketplace.) This transiency needs an opposing consistency. In a world where trends change in the blink of an eye, brands must grow flexible enough to accommodate momentary demands while maintaining cohesion in the ways they are perceived and experienced. 

Our recent work for brand innovations introduces a nuanced concept on the matter: Emotion ID. Yet another concept to strengthen a brand builder’s toolkit, Emotion ID stands out with its insightful depth and contemporary approach. The concept goes beyond traditional methods by delving into the brand’s emotional core, capturing that unique essence which animates a brand’s soul and makes its distinct value apparent. Consider it the emotional DNA of a brand – a distinctive blend of feelings and experiences that forges a direct connection with the audience’s heartstrings.

Crafting a brand is a deep dive into its essence, answering the pivotal question: What drives you? Just as individuals have identities and goals, so do brands. Monroe is dedicated to guiding brands on this self-revelatory journey, uncovering their true essence, and magnifying their genuine heart. In an age of rapid evolution and information overload, being seen isn’t enough; brands must be felt. The brands we sculpt thrive, pulsate with genuine emotion and form profound connections. They don’t just exist; they live and beat with heart. Our expertise lies in helping brands carve out their unique niche in the market, standing out not just for their presence but for their unique resonance.

Our method? It’s like a bespoke suit in the world of brand building. While we have a foundational methodology, we tailor it delicately for each brand’s unique journey and challenges. Our purpose is not to appease subjective aesthetics; we delve deep, ensuring that a brand’s essence is not only visible but also palpable and tailored to the business’ aspirations. Our focus extends beyond mere words: It’s not about a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s about crafting a resonance that’s as individual as the brands we work with.

In summary, for us, a brand with a heart is more than just a fancy slogan; it’s about creating genuine connections that go beyond just logos and taglines. It’s about the emotional depth, the stories they share, and the authenticity they exude. 

As you scroll through our freshly redesigned website, pay close attention to the ways we show this commitment. In a landscape crowded with countless brands, Monroe shines as a guiding light for those who aspire to leave a real emotional mark. Jump into our world of heart-led branding and see how we make magic happen.

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