Turkish State Choir, A Brilliant Example for Coherence

The latest edition of ‘Designing Brand Identity’ is out and our project is featured as a distinguished global branding example.

The sixth edition of ‘Designing Brand Identity’ is finally out following a long and tedious revision process. This year, we’re honoured to have our work for the Turkish State Choir featured as a leading reference for branding professionals.

‘Designing Brand Identity’ is an industry-standard guide to brand building and an essential reading for brand managers, marketers, and designers across the globe. The iconic book simplifies the branding process and offers a practical roadmap for building relevant and enduring brands, from research to strategy to design execution. First published over 20 years ago, it is periodically revised to bring its readers up-to-date with the latest trends and research in branding. 

Co-authored by the late Alina Wheeler and Rob Meyerson, the sixth edition includes over 50 new case studies, covers more than 100 branding topics, and showcases over 800 images, diagrams, and examples – one of which is our design system for the Turkish State Choir.

The book identifies a set of core ideals for a branding system to embody. Amongst those ideals is coherence: the quality that ensures all the pieces of a brand hold together in a way that feels seamless, unified and consistent to the customer. The branding system for Turkish State Choir was handpicked as an outstanding example to demonstrate this essential ideal. 

In our work for the Turkish State Choir, amongst the world’s most renowned choral ensembles, we set high standards to deliver. Despite a globally growing interest in acapella music and choir performances, a dated perception of choirs was a barrier against the musical movement. To create a more contemporary footing for Turkey’s leading choir and have it resonate with a younger generation, we completely redesigned the Turkish State Choir’s brand identity – in a way that is both dynamic and rich while still paying respects to its prestigious legacy.

As explained by our Creative Director Onur Gökalp: The Turkish State Choir’s identity system mimics the choral experience. Parts assemble in countless ways to produce different harmonies – but the overall structure stays consistently true to the brand.

Launched on December 12th World Choir Day, Turkish State Choir’s rebrand features an emblem as its leading asset – a graphic representation of a world of multitudes that exist in harmony, form a unity and centre around a common emotion.

This past year, our branding project received first place in Felis Mediacat Advertising Awards and Istanbul Marketing Awards under the “Rebranding” categories. And our latest global recognition is a very exciting update to the effectiveness of our design work.

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