Babylon 2020 Şimdi. Evde. Müzikle Kal.

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Client: Babylon
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Art Director: Seda Yüksel
Motion Designer: Mahmut Kalyoncu
Copywriter: Nur Yıldırım
Project Manager: Merve Tuna


Kristal Elma Awards 2020 – Typography Design

Felis Awards 2020 – Best Typography and Font Design

Hard times call for meaningful communications. We designed a motivational campaign for Babylon in support of the “Stay Home” movement. We expanded the possibilities of staying home and revealed a world of opportunities to support the call-to-action: stay to watch a movie you haven’t seen, stay to finish your pile of books, or even, just stay to be with yourself.

We designed custom campaign letters and projected onto them elements from our world of opportunities. The letters developed into an alphabet dedicated to the many occasions we experience indoors – each with a unique visual, emotional, and aural story. This created an official language used to communicate and celebrate staying home.

This campaign also acted as a variation of our ongoing Babylon seasonal campaign “Şimdi. Burada. Beraber.” (Now. Here. Together.) The latter was an ode to being present in the here and now. We shifted that focus, instead celebrating being in the present, at your home, and of course, with music.

Our campaign’s driving call was to stay present in the now, at home, and with music. We imagined the possibilities one encounters on their journey inside, and animated them across the letters of our campaign slogan.


We compiled happy occasions to “stay home” for to motivate our viewers. Rather than glorifying this experience, we decided to fill it with meaningful opportunities – all with an air of optimism and in keeping with Babylon’s values. Stay with a song you like, stay for a movie you haven’t seen, stay to be with yourself…


We expanded the letters of our campaign slogan into a full alphabet, each letter referencing a different “Şimdi. Evde. Müzikle Kal.” (Now. At Home. With Music) experience – aurally, visually, and emotionally.


The campaign alphabet became a way to communicate through the times of isolation. Every message spelled with it also carried with it the optimism of our campaign.


Each letter told the story of an occasion at home, and we paired them with messages and sounds to tell their entire story.


We created a short video to introduce our alphabet: “29 Letters that say Stay Home, at Babylon!” We assigned a complimentary reason to stay home for each letter, and introduced both the letters and their meanings in the video.


We also designed a range of creative digital activations for our campaign. Amongst them was to pair each letter with a distinct prompt to pick a song, and share one such song through Babylon’s Instagram account. This created a month-long communication plan, and became something to look forward to each day for Babylon’s dedicated following.


The songs shared each day got added to a Spotify playlist, creating a musical archive through Babylon’s experience.