Color Prisma

Logo Design
Brand Identity
3D Design
Motion Design


Client: Color Prisma
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar
Project Director: İdil Açıkalın, Selin İnceöz
Art Director: Seyfi Ünlü
3D Designer: Oğuz Can Yazgı
Graphic Designer: Naci Mert

Color brings material to life. And behind those colors is meticulous engineering.

Color Prisma is Türkiye’s leading manufacturer of raw ceramic and ceramic paint materials. As the company prepared for their initial public offering, Color Prisma identified a strategic need to update their identity. We met with the goal to reflect the confidence, trust and expertise Color Prisma brings to the table.

We designed a new brand system that showcases the company’s commitment to excellence. The new brand mark draws inspiration from the geometry of a prism, inside which light refracts and colors are formed. Much like the nature of a crystal prism that breaks apart light to create possibilities, Color Prisma harnesses the potential of materials with precision and dedication. Color Prisma’s updated indentity positions the brand as a locus of material science and engineering, while still maintaining the confidence of a well established company.