Festival Park

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Communication Strategy & Design
Merch Design


Client: Kültür AŞ
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar
Copywriter & Strategist: Oğul Girgin
Art Director: Oğuz Can Yazgı
Graphic Design: Naci Mert
Motion Design: Seyfi Ünlü
Project Director: Oğul Girgin


Istanbul Marketing Awards 2022 – Branding Desing

Meet Festival Park, Istanbul’s latest set of public event venues. What started off as a single stage in Kadıköy transformed into a city-wide network of public venues that spreads the joy of celebration all across Istanbul.

We designed a 360 brand identity for Festival Park, from strategy and verbal identity to visual identity. We realized the project’s potential to be an outlet for the city to address its 16 million residents. We imagined how joyful living in Istanbul could be, and positioned Festival Park as stations that connect Istanbul with the festive spirit of celebration. This central sentiment became the foundation for our brand identity.

We designed the brand slogan “Hayat kutlamaya değer” (Life is worth celebrating) to communicate the our commitment to inspire joy. This universal message got visualized through a dynamic graphic world. Our priority was to design an identity that conveyed “celebration” and “connection” to an entire city. We utilized simple and colorful linear forms that connect in many different ways to create patterns, icons, illustrations, layouts, the brand logo and even a complete alphabet.