HBox - Personal Healthcare Box

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Identity


Client: HBox
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Art Director: Emirhan Akyüz
Graphic Designer: Oğuz Can Yazgı
Project Manager: Oğul Girgin

Meet HBox, your personal health box.

HBox is a US-based remote patient monitoring (RPM) system that equips healthcare providers with the tools to access their patients’ real time vitals. Responding to the rising need to create remote pathways to access healthcare, HBox developed kits to create stronger and closer relationships between doctors and their patients.

We designed HBox’s brand identity, addressing both the emotional and functional needs RPM services meet. We observed the sterility surrounding healthcare and realized the need to associate it with positivity and reassurance. We focused on the comforting quality of a smile and centralized it throughout our branding work. We expanded on what HBox can stand for: a box for health, happiness, habits, home. This developed into a world that communicates both with the confidence we expect from healthcare and the sincerity we need from it