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Client: Hyperoptic
Strategy Partner: Idea Bakery
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar
Creative Strategy & Copywriter: Oğul Girgin
Copywriter: Nick Werber
Art Directors: Oğuz Can Yazgı, Berkin Ay, Ersin Alpan
Graphic Designer: Naci Mert

Type Designer: Fatih Hardal
Motion Designer: Seyfi Ünlü

Hyperoptic is a UK-based broadband provider and the rising superhero against an industry that has stopped short of peoples’ homes and expectations. Hyperoptic stepped up and took to the streets, taking their full fibre all the way. With unrivaled internet speeds and customer experience ratings, Hyperoptic just needed a final push to become the champion the UK needed. And that’s where we came in.

We met with the Hyperoptic team to bring their recently refined brand house to life. The scope of our work was a complete brand overhaul. And our goal was to make evident what was so incredibly hyper about this brand. Because being Hyper is more than just upload/download speeds. It is a life with less hold ups. A highway that green-lights all the way. Less fretting, less tearing your hair out over inconveniences. It means you can go faster, work happier, live harder. Do more, see more, learn more. It means more of what you want. Now, that is a life lived hyper.

We transformed every detail of their brand to reflect the excitement and convenience of such a Hyper life. We preserved the most defining qualities of their branding – namely the silhouette of their logotype and their claim to the color blue. And we amped everything else up multiple notches. Modernized and energized in every way, our collaboration with Hyperoptic resulted in a refreshed design toolkit, verbal ID and a new website.

We developed this new branding in tandem with TBWA Dubline, as they worked on Hyperoptic’s relaunch campaign. The “in your corner” campaign transformed the Hyperoptic modem into a domestic superhero at your service.

The Challenge

Hyperoptic is a nationally beloved broadband provider across the UK, having passed over 1.15 million homes – with the expectation of 2 million homes by the end of 2025. With polls consistently showing customer satisfaction and reports of high customer retention, what Hyperoptic lacked wasn’t service quality but brand value. Hyperoptic needed to amp up its brand to energize new customers to jolt in and switch on.

Stuck between technology mega-brands and tech-savvy niche providers, Hyperoptic’s brand image felt outdated. It couldn’t match the overwhelming presence of the bigger competition, while also failing to match the super smart and agile nature of the smaller players. Setting the standards of service also requires setting a standard of what a broadband provider looks like – and that’s where we came in. To design that “hyper” feeling.

Our Approach

Being just a service provider wouldn’t cut it anymore. So we explored what living a hyper life could mean. What happens when life greenlights all the way, less waiting, more doing what you want. A smarter, more fulfilling way of living. And showed glimpses of the lives our customers could lead with us by their side. The new company tagline “In your corner” was just the right touch to communicate this lifestyle vision. We preserved what people came to associate with Hyperoptic, a logo silhouette and a blue color scheme. And we refreshed everything else.

Our rebranding journey to go back to our challenger roots was truly exceptional, thanks to the expertise and creativity of Monroe. Their innovative and collaborative approach, attention to detail, understanding our needs and challenging us where needed and seamless execution exceeded our expectations. The new brand identity perfectly encapsulates our vision, resonates with our audience, and has significantly elevated our market presence.

Lütfü Kitapçı

Chief Customer Officer

We also updated the UX/UI of the Hyperoptic website – the main point-of-contact for most customers. Performance was an essential consideration during this project, as this website directed straight to sales. Our goal was to not overwhelm customers through design, but to add just enough branded touches to empower that hyper feeling and communicate a refreshed brand experience.