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Client: BELBİM
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar
Copywriter & Strategist: Nur Yıldırım
Art Director: Seda Yüksel
Graphic Design: Naci Mert
Project Manager: Oğul Girgin
Media Agency: Medya AŞ
Production Agency: Noise Film
Director: Oğuz Uydu
DOP: Arınç Arısoy
Music: Magic Post Studios
Post-production: Magic Post Studios


Effie Awards 2022 – Cards, Alternative Payment Systems and Loyalty Programs
Felis Awards 2022 – Branding, Curious Felis
Kristal Elma Awards 2022 – Branding Design
GMK Awards 2021 – 3x: Branding Design, Outdoor Design, Motion Design

İstanbulkart, Istanbul’s 14 year old transit pass, developed into a city card with new fintech capabilities. On a mission to rebrand a product with over 10 million active users and an essential part of everyday life in Istanbul, we crafted an emotionally fueled story through the three words Istanbul’s residents needed to hear: Istanbul loves you.

Istanbul is home to over 15 million, a cultural and financial capital, and a metropol that moves at a pace that often feels overwhelming. Nevertheless, the city’s residents share a profound attachment to it that exists beyond material motivations. We turned to this unique connection when introduced to the İstanbulkart rebranding project. In surveys, people consistently reported that they loved Istanbul deeply, but felt that their feelings weren’t reciprocated. This revealed an opportunity to give the city its own way of displaying affection, which became the point of origin for İstanbulkart’s brand transformation.

Istanbulkart Relaunch Video

İstanbulkart Relaunch Product Mobile App

İstanbulkart Relaunch Product Marketplace

İstanbulkartRelaunch Product Cafe