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Client: Kontra Architecture
Art Directors: Onur Gökalp & Emirhan Akyüz
Photography: Emre Dörter
Photography Post Production: Orkun Koray Ünsal
Camera: Mustafa Köksalan
Video Post Production: Emirhan Akyüz
Web Developer: Adem Çolak

KONTRA is an interior design firm operating in Istanbul since 2009, creating architectural interpretations with the theory of using a multi-artform, multi-disciplinary language and creating high-end products with their own contemporary signature. In addition to this, Kontra also a product design firm creating solutions to the various needs of the concepts and projects they create.

In taking on Kontra, our general approach was to concentrate on the brand’s most important and encompassing concept of “contrasts and opposites.” The opposite of the acceptable and the easily recognizable, this architecture office aims at achieving the new, the impressive, the ambitious, and in this sense has carved out its own unique place in its sector. We tapped into the same vein by refining Kontra’s unique energy and place apart in all the elements of our communications design.

In 2015, we created an Istanbul-themed product design communication campaign to enhance Kontra’s international recognition.

Custom version of DIN typeface for Kontra

Kontra - Handmade Designer Notebooks

We designed unique handmade notebooks for Kontra Architecture Designers. Each notebook has the initial of the owner and the number of the notebooks of the designer.

(For example, Gülşah’s first notebook, Pelin’s third notebook, Cem’s second notebook..)


With the goal of increasing its international profile for Kontra’s product development communication, we created an Istanbul-themed campaign in 2015. With Kontra Architecture’s belonging to Istanbul in the general sense we immediately tapped into contrasting perceptions. Believing that perfect harmony is born from the principle of its interaction with its opposite, we underscored a perfectly harmonious exhibition of products designed with this city in mind, the city that is the source of inspiration for Kontra’s creativity. We created an impressive encounter between products that nearly became one with the texture of the city, and the photographs and videos we produced were reproduced in many domestic and foreign art and design magazines and blogs.