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Client: RMA Group
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar
Naming: Oğul Girgin, Gülcan Evrenos
Copywriter/Strategy: Oğul Girgin
Lead Designer: Oğuz Can Yazgı
Art Director: Semih Kodarlak, Oğuz Can Yazgı
Motion Designer: Emirhan Akyüz
Graphic Designer: Naci Mert
Project Manager: Oğul Girgin

What was meant to be the parking lot for one of Istanbul’s highest profile destination projects turned into an integrated vehicle management service during our work with Parker – with an expanding portfolio of services currently being developed.

Living spaces draw high levels of traffic and are faced with an unending list of organizational challenges. Parker was the then-nameless parking solution provider for Galataport, the world’s first underground cruise terminal and Istanbul’s most anticipated destination project on a 1.2 km coastline along the Bosphorus strait. With an unprecedented 2,400 vehicle underground parking lot, the project was expected to alleviate the parking problem in the entire historic neighborhood. However during our work with the RMA Group, we saw the project’s potential to meet a wider level of needs. So we positioned the project as an integrated service provider for living spaces and named it Parker – a name that turned the brand into a human assistant capable of managing your needs on-site.

The logo of what is first and foremost a parking management service, the Parker logo is a graphic representation of a parking lot. The bars across the logo create slots in which the letters are parked. This method of creating focal slots using only two bars becomes a leading asset for the Parker brand identity.

The universal sign for parking is the letter P. The Parker branding abbreviates its logo to turn the brand’s icon into its own unique parking signage.


Parker’s key visual system turns the parking slots between the logo bars into visual and emotional focal points. Parker is a facilitator for living spaces. It works to enrich the experience people have there and to provide services to enable an ease-of-mind. The slots highlight such moments – focusing on the instances that matter or the services Parker provides.