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Logo Design
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Client: Prodigma
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar
Project Director: İdil Açıkalın
Art Director & 3D Designer: Oğuz Can Yazgı
Graphic Designer: Naci Mert
Motion Designer: Seyfi Ünlü

Modern innovation demands newer models of production. Conventional manufacturing methods lack the agility and flexibility to keep up with swift R&D and product cycles. Meet Prodigma, a manufacturing solutions company that optimizes innovation through accessible, repeatable and scalable production technologies. From high fidelity prototypes to mass production of market-ready products, Prodigma offers tailored processes to upgrade supply chains and empower brands.

The new Prodigma branding reflects the smart simplicity and versatility that make up the future of manufacturing. The logotype highlights the branding system’s most dynamic asset, the emblem. The unique letter O is an ode to all the custom parts Prodigma is capable of producing. This emblem is also part of a larger set of icons, designed from stylized versions of 3D printed product components.

In a world of tired and arduous production cycles, all the pieces come together for a manufacturing brand that believes materializing a product should be exciting and hassle-free.