Turkish State Choir

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Logo Design
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Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar
Copywriter & Strategist: Nur Yıldırım
Project Manager: Gizem Kırmacı
Lead Designer: Emirhan Akyüz
Art Director: Semih Kodarlak
Graphic Design: Naci Mert


Istanbul Marketing Awards 2022 – Brand Design
Felis Awards 2022- Brand Design

The human voice is perhaps the most emotionally expressive instrument and choirs seize this potential to create transcendental experiences. Despite a globally growing interest in choral culture however, a dated perception of choirs stands as a barrier against this musical movement.

Turkish State Choir is a world renowned national choral ensemble that has been drawing new traction under the recent direction of Burak Onur Erdem. With a new vision of what choirs can be and a mission to foster a lively choral culture across the country, Turkish State Choir needed an identity to communicate its commitment to renovating this tradition. To create a more contemporary footing for Turkey’s leading choir, we completely redesigned the Turkish State Choir’s brand identity. We worked on an identity that reflects the true nature of the choral experience, of coming together and being home to something beyond a group of individuals – a story we visualized to make the musical and emotional power of choral music relevant to a new generation.

The choir’s emblem features a variety of different motifs, each coming together in a variety of ways to create alternate compositions. The dynamic and generative nature of the emblem mimics how a choir changes its positions on stage – flexible enough to restructure its components while still being centered on its authentic self.


The choir’s emblem variations become a focal point on the event key visuals. We assigned a distinct composition for each type of event, at the center of which is a relevant image that speaks to the event in question.