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Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Art Director: Emirhan Akyüz
Copywriter: Nur Yıldırım
Project Manager: Bahan Erşen

Vivoo is a US-based wellness app that guides users towards a healthier lifestyle with personalized nutrition advice based on urine data. Vivoo initially presented itself as a urine test, but we realized that it had the potential to serve a greater purpose – a guide through one’s wellness journey.

We worked on Vivoo’s brand identity, communication strategy and packaging design. We created a visual world of fluid, vivid and warm shapes and colors, reflecting the human body. This approach materialized the brand’s entire visual world. For its brand communications, we positioned Vivoo as a smart decoder of your body’s need. We crafted a subtle and warm character around the brand, one that become’s your body’s voice through the Vivoo application. And one last message from Vivoo: ‘Take Vivoo of yourself!’